At Reed Harris Environmental Ltd., we strive to provide clients with a better scientific foundation to address key environmental questions.

Environmental issues such as acidification, climate, and mercury contamination can have many factors operating simultaneously, making it difficult to isolate causes and predict the benefits of remedial actions. Mercury levels in fish for example are not just linked to mercury emissions to the environment, but also to the fate of mercury in the atmosphere, and ecosystem conditions such as hydrology, water chemistry, biological productivity, which are in turn affected by large scale human influences on climate and acidification. At sites with local mercury contamination, it is not just a matter of how much mercury was released, but what form was it in, and how readily can it follow pathways leading to accumulation in fish and wildlife?

Our focus is to identify and quantify the key factors controlling an environmental problem, and develop solutions. Towards this goal, we provide services related to:

  • Designing, managing and integrating multi-disciplinary environmental studies
  • Simulation modeling designed to show cause and effect relationships and predict the benefits of remedial actions.

Our strongest expertise is in the field of mercury cycling and bio-accumulation.

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