Lower Churchill River Hydroelectric Development

A hydroelectric project is proposed for the Lower Churchill River in Labrador. The increase in fish mercury levels is variable among reservoirs, e.g. 1.5X – 7X above background and there is a need to predict the increase expected for the Lower Churchill River project.

Reed Harris Environmental Ltd co-developed a simple model to predict peak mercury concentrations in fish in reservoirs, based on the flooded area, total reservoir area and mean annual flow (See below – Harris et al., 2008). The regression model was calibrated for northern pike and lake whitefish using historical observations from reservoirs in Quebec and Manitoba.



Harris et al., 2008

Harris, R.C, D. Hutchinson and AMEC (2009) Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project. Environmental Baseline Report: Assessment of the Potential for Increased Mercury Concentrations. March 4, 2008